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BCP Asset Management Ltd have just released their latest version of Capital Secure Bonds for investment or pension related business. In certain circumstances these can be incorporated as a fund choice in your current pension arrangement. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer a complete range of deposit options with Permanent TSB from 30 day notice accounts up to 24 months, some with the interest paid ‘Up Front’. Call us today to get a rate for you!

BOK Financial Services: Services


BOK Financial Services offers truly impartial financial advice and guidance. We work with several agencies so that we can offer you a comprehensive range of financial products – Irish Life, Aviva, Zurich Life, New Ireland, Blackbee, Wealth Options Ltd., and BCP Asset Management Ltd.

As part of our personal service, we sit down with you, assess your financial situation and set about making sure that you are financially secure, both now and in the future.  None of us knows what’s around the next corner, but BOK Financial Services can guarantee that you’re prepared for it through the following services:

Life Assurance
Life assurance is protection for your family in the event of your death – you can rest assured that the mortgage will be paid. However, you can also secure a steady income for your family to live on through life assurance, and that’s never a bad idea.  It’s also good practice to review your cover annually – for example, has your family grown since you took out your current life assurance policy? From as little as €30 per month, you can cover it all.

Your pension is really a long-term savings plan with tax relief, so you benefit on the double. If you put it on the long finger now, you will lose out later, so the sooner you review your current pension plan or establish one that works for you, the better off you’ll be – in the long term!

At BOK Financial Services, we offer investment bonds of 3.5 to 5 years’ duration with 100% capital secured. With these investment products, your money is safe. Talk to us to find out more.

Savings Plans
Saving is nothing more than a good habit, but it yields great rewards when you need them most. Save for your children’s education, the holiday of a life-time, a rainy day or a year’s travelling. Whatever your goal, we make sure you achieve it – comfortably.

Serious Illness Cover
Serious illness insurance provides for a lump sum payment in the event of a heart-attack, stroke or other serious episodes of illness – it’s a form of income replacement. Be sure you know exactly what your policy covers, and subject it to regular review. In policies like these, the devil really is in the detail – and it pays to know all the details.

Share Dealing Services
Fancy your chances on the stock market? BOK Financial Services works with Dolmen Stockbrokers to buy and sell shares for our clients. Call BOK Financial Services and find out more about dealing in stocks and shares.

Income Protection
Income protection insurance covers your income should you suffer a disability or illness. It can vary wildly from product to product. You need to review your policy regularly to make sure you’re getting the best cover through the right policy at the most competitive price. We help you to do just that.

We currently do not offer any advice on mortgages.

Financial advice at BOK Financial Services is free. Peace of mind is priceless.