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BCP Asset Management Ltd have just released their latest version of Capital Secure Bonds for investment or pension related business. In certain circumstances these can be incorporated as a fund choice in your current pension arrangement. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer a complete range of deposit options with Permanent TSB from 30 day notice accounts up to 24 months, some with the interest paid ‘Up Front’. Call us today to get a rate for you!

BOK Financial Services: Investments


We have a range of investment products to suit most peoples needs, ranging from deposit accounts with PTSB or Insurance Company bonds from 3.5 years to 6 years in duration.

The majority of these bonds have the option for 100% Capital Security which could restrict potential growth in the product but in the meantime giving 100% peace of mind that your initial capital is secure.

Alternative bonds have capital security of either 80 or 90% of the initial fund but have potential for further growth which is uncapped therefore with a better chance of greater returns.

DIRT tax is deducted from the interest gained from these policies at the current rate of 27% on an annual basis or 30% for longer periods.

When looking to invest for a long period of time care must be taken in choosing a particular product as most policies either have high exit charges for encashing early or no option to withdraw funds until the maturity of the bond.